I have been involved in hardcore music for the most part of my life. The thing that interested me most in this music is the honesty that it expresses and the raw energy that you often get at hardcore shows. It always felt like being among peers and people that share a common ground. Not everybody has the same opinion about stuff, but for me the hardcore scene always was a shelter where so called outcasts could find a common ground and love. It is more than just music. Well at least for me it is. There is room in hardcore for ideals and opinions, having substance in your music isn’t a bad thing.

I have seen the scene evolve a lot in all those years I’ve been in it. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Lately I’m feeling kinda disconnected with a lot of the stuff that is going on. Less and less bands seem to have a message and kids don’t seem to be interested in a message, but more in a breakdown or whatever. Maybe I’m getting old and losing touch with things. But when I see one of the “role models” of hardcore, to name it with a big word, doing something more with his music and his message, I get a reminder to what this music is all about for me. A positive message, an outlet, a way of life.

Check out onelifeonechance.com. It’s the project of H2O singer Toby Morse. He gives lectures in schools about his life and a positive lifestyle, PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). I think it is absolutely amazing that someone from our scene does something positive like this. It’s easy to preach stuff on stage where you know everybody will clap no matter what you say. It aren’t just empty words he spits out, he lives up to them and tries to inspire kids beyond the barriers of underground hardcore. Sharing his experiences and his talent as a performer to inform youth and letting them know there’s other possibilities in life than just caving in to peer pressure. Big respect for doing this!