Overall I can’t complain, I have great friends, one of the best and most supportive girlfriends ever,  with the setup I get to travel and see places I would normally never get to see and my job is my hobby. But still, I often get the feeling that something is missing. Is it ambition? I don’t know, sometimes it drives me mad. I always want more. I think I need something that drives me, something that keeps me on point and on focus, something that keeps on challenging me. That’s why I love the company I work for, they recently gave me a chance to expand and start up a photography business. Some new challenge to look forward to.

A while ago I was with a client and they asked if they had to provide photographs for the website I was going to make. As I still had to do a photography assignment I suggested I would come and to do the shoot for them. It was a win-win situation, I got my assignment done and they had their photos. This now seems to be an important mark in my life. A while later my boss asked if I would be interested in doing something more with my photography skills. Well let me think about this … uhm hell yeah!

Well a few weeks later and everything has been set up, I worked out a website, done some digging in my portfolio and I created Controlled Focus. What’s my ultimate goal with this? We’ll see, for now it is just amazing that I get the opportunity and back up to do this. I consider this the first step into a new challenge.  And to conclude this train of thought I would say that this is my goal that I want to accomplish, to get better in photography and establish a successful business. Like in the short film from Zack Arias I’m probably gonna experience some tough times, but that’s life. If you do nothing, nothing happens.