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Blogging is not a crime

I just suck at finding time to update this thing. So just a small update on stuff I have been doing lately…

Chances are when you are seeing Born From Pain playing you’ll see a nifty new backdrop behind Roy. Also check out the suicide nation website. Get informed and educated! And also, check out Born From Pain’s new album ‘Survival’. It is not a typical bfp album, it’s different, but for me personally it sounds like a logical evolution. Some seriously good riffing and some catchy song lines. It’s a band that just keeps on growing and working hard. They still deliver amazing albums. Also one of the few bands I can keep seeing without getting bored.

I’m also picking up my photography stuff again, so hopefully I’ll start posting some pics again. I was playing around with my fish eye the other day and I really like how this one came out.

While we’re on the photography topic. I stumbled upon some pics from a photographer named ‘Boogie’, well actually Vladimir Milivojevich, but try explaining that to Americans. I really like his work, style of photography I really dig. Check out his website and blog.

I also finally did something with the TSU YouTube channel. For the ones interested, you can check out the documentary we did for our Minister of Death cd.

more soon…