TSU_pretensepromoThat’s right, I’m back! I figured I’d try this whole blogging thing again. What can you expect? Well the same old, same old you can expect from me. Nothing too serious. I’m probably gonna update this thing more regularly with web and graphic design stuff I’m doing for people. I’ve been doing that more and more lately. And since I now officially am a web designer I have to take all of this very serious… ha! But one thing is for sure I definitely closed my chapter as a legal editor. Who needs five years of law school when you can design websites right?

So what has been up with me last couple of years. I’m still busy with music and down with the core. Slightly becoming a computer nerd and a web standards and css freak. Doing artwork and design stuff for local and not so local bands. And I’m planning on doing a lot more of that. Haven’t been doing any photography work anymore so don’t expect a lot of concert photography here. Check out this dude if you want some of that, he’s better anyway.

Surf around, I still have to work on some bugs probably, but this site has been sitting on my local hard drive for too long. I wanted it up and running. So enjoy or bust!