May 2018, Vielsalm.

May 2018, Vielsalm. 623❤️ #623

Builders of Empires

Next week my friends from Diablo Blvd will release their second album, ‘Builders of Empires’. I must say, it’s banging! So as soon as it hits the stores, look it up in your local record store or download it via iTunes. Support this!

The Overlord cometh!

Some buddies of mine started a side project about 5 years ago. They wrote a few songs in about 1 rehearsal and started to record a demo. Five years later they actually finished the recording and finally are releasing it to the masses.

One Life One Chance

Toby Morse from H2O is busy with, a project where he gives lectures in schools about a positive lifestyle. I thought this was a really cool thing to do. His message doesn’t stop after a H2O show, he takes the effort to go beyond that and tries to reach other kids with his message.

Controlled Focus

Last night I was watching a video Zack Arias made for Scott Kelby’s blog. It was about having self-doubt about being a photographer. To me it transcended the photographer thing, and you could make this about anything you do in life. It made me think about my life and what I already have accomplished and what I still want to accomplish.

More human than human

I made a design for stand up comedian Alex Agnew. He used this for some merch and it was also displayed during his latest show on a big video screen. That was really cool to see. It seems that all my latest work is getting printed on big things only. Very good for the ego haha. Anyway go checkout his latest show, “more human than human”, it is banging.

Blogging is not a crime

I just suck at finding time to update this thing. So just a small update on stuff I have been doing lately… Chances are when you are seeing Born From Pain playing you’ll see a nifty new backdrop behind Roy. Also check out the suicide nation website. Get informed and educated! And also, check out […]

Born from pain survival release show

Some pictures from the born from pain release show for their survival cd. Pics were taken @ café Smileys in Brunsum, Holland on november 1st 2008.

George Carlin rip

Yesterday my favorite stand-up comedians, George Carlin, passed away. The cause of death is a heart attack. He was 71. Read the full article on the website of NY times. Coincidence or not we were listening to a couple of his shows on the drive home from Paris this weekend. Check out some of the […]

sickness, summer, raging

Can you believe this weather over here, amazing! Summer in the springtime! An ideal moment to get sick wouldn’t you think. Having a sore throat, an old man’s cough and actually feeling like you’re 100 years old just sucks that little bit more when it’s hot outside. Oh well, what doesn’t kill me … Tomorrow […]

It’s not just a name…

… IT IS A WAY OF LIFE! COCKPUNCH! Cockpunch! – Attack cd This is some straight up hardcore that will definitely get your nut sack running scared! Seriously these guys are hilarious, aggressive old school music in the veign of Floorpunch, lyrics that diss about everything that kinda makes our hardcore scene less cool than […]

Johnny Unstoppable

Can you spell “roem-toem-toem”? … Finished the artwork for Johnny Unstoppable mcd this week. Check these youngsters out, keeping Antwerp hard and heavy.

First Post!

That’s right, I’m back! I figured I’d try this whole blogging thing again. What can you expect? Well the same old, same old you can expect from me. Nothing too serious. I’m probably gonna update this thing more regularly with web and graphic design stuff I’m doing for people. I’ve been doing that more and […]